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Introduction of Sanaf Company

The company’s electronics industry with over 20 years of work experience relying on the most advanced technology in the field of design and manufacturing of various devices to improve the process of pipe production, design and manufacturing laboratory devices testing the quality of the tube as well as ultrasonic thickness gauges That line activity.

The company has the honor of designing and manufacturing precision testing devices related to automotive and home appliance industries. The company’s activities are based on accurate measurement tools such as Sensor and Melt Temperature, Thermostat, Timer, Counter, DC Round Controller, PLC Systems and Consultation Services, Design, Installation, Maintenance.

The company rely on research and research, the use of scientific and experienced staff, observing the new principles of marketing, the selection of advanced global technology, the latest production standards, as well as cooperation with reputable international companies ready to provide consulting and selling laboratory equipment and quality control To academic centers, standard institutions, petrochemicals and industrial centers.

Currently, the devices generated by the company, in addition to export to European countries, are also used as the most relevant quality control laboratories and R & D in the country. The company’s manufacturing presentations in the polymer industry and steel industry, wire and cable and fiber industry And fabric is used.

We believe that we provide continuous improvement for customer satisfaction, diverse, high quality and service providers and the dignity of Batka consumers on axial knowledge, processiveness, continuous improvement. Therefore, in order to achieve these goals, international standards are ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 20041 as a model, which all of its company’s personnel are committed to implementing them.

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