Laboratory of Danesh Bonyan Sanaf Company while attracting experts in the field of industry (plastics and rubber) and using comprehensive and advanced laboratory equipment to improve the quality of polymer products produced in the country according to national standards and by establishing and implementing management and technical systems of laboratories and By joining the Strategic Technologies Laboratory Network, it has been able to take an effective and positive step in improving laboratory services in the polymer industry

Services available in the laboratory of Danesh Bonyan Sanaf Company

  • Perform identification tests to analyze and determine the basic nature of polymeric materials
  • Determination of physical and mechanical properties of polymer products
  • Perform tests including TGA-STA-DSC-OIT-MFR-CBC-ESCR-IZOD-Hydrostatic Pressure-Impact-MFI-MVR-Vicat-Tensile
  • Determination of thermal properties of polymeric materials to predict behavior in different temperature conditions
  • Reverse engineering to analyze and achieve the basic formulation of polymeric materials
  • Preparation of technical specifications sheet of materials and presentation of quality approval certificate for various polymer products
  • Provide solutions to develop the production of polymer products in accordance with national and international standards
  • Conducting research and participating in research and industrial projects in various industries
  • Providing technical and consulting services to improve the production and quality of plastic and rubber parts
  • Provide technical solutions to improve downstream production processes of plastic and rubber products