Overview of our services

Services of Guild Company

Installation and service throughout the country and the world

  • Design devices based on customer needs
  • System installation
  • calibration
  • Services Replacement of system components

After-sales service and the possibility of service by phone and in person

In case of any problems in the devices or the need for consultation, the following numbers can be contacted:
Advice and support: +98 912 9456047-8, 021-66805056

Up-to-date and appropriate services with existing conditions

  • Devices warranty
  • Calibration and replacement of parts as needed
  • Guarantee the operation of the devices
  • Very high safety and quality of installed devices and systems

Training devices and methods of using them

  • In order to use the system comfortably and with very high safety, the necessary training is given to the respected personnel when installing the system so that they can use the system easily and with high quality
  • If you need advice after installing the system or training, esteemed customers can contact the experts and use the telephone consultation and, if necessary, in person