Universal Tensile Tester

Model: SUT-50

Capacity 5 tons

With the ability to perform various tests for metals, rebars, belts, all kinds of rubbers, plastics, composites, industrial parts, etc

With the ability to perform tensile tests – Bending – Compression – Compression – Peeling – Tear – Relaxation – Creep – In accordance with international standards

With the ability to install a variety of jaws and fixtures in the form of pin displacement

With the ability to install various extonometers and furnaces

Ability to install a variety of load cells with low capacity to increase measurement accuracy

System operation as servo-electric

Load cell force sensor

Has a servo brand

Full computer device control via USB RS 232 serial port without PC type restrictions

Has high resolution


featuresStress and strain diagram at yield point
Maximum elongation at break point
Control of speed, position, force and strain
Ability to print, store and retrieve information and draw graphs
Automatic storage and printing of test results
Equipped with software load calibration system extensometer
Full implementation of the standard